How it works

How it works

We are dedicated to making your life easier by providing you with a laundry service. Let laundry be one thing less to worry about and try our washing and ironing services that include collection and delivery of your laundry.

Schedule your collection
Schedule your collection
Pripremite svu svoju uprljavu odjeću
Prepare all your dirty laundry

Prepare your laundry and schedule its collection.

Preuzimamo u dogovoreno vrijeme
We will collect
at a scheduled time

Our service includes collection of dirty laundry at a scheduled time.

Peremo i peglamo vaše rublje
We wash and iron your laundry

We are professionals who will save you your time and your money!

Dostavljamo oprano, opeglano i složeno rublje
We deliver washed, ironed and folded laundry

Fast and reliable, at a scheduled time.

Quality service
with collection and delivery

Our goal is to offer you the best possible laundry and wet cleaning service.

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